PVC Conveyor Belts for Foodstuff Transportation

Make it High Efficient with Hygienic Foodstuff PVC Conveyor Belt

At Conveyor Technologies Canada we recognize the need to develop a series of belts that was specifically designed with the food industry in mind. We have researched a number of materials including felt, cotton, polyester, mixed cotton, PU, PVC and silicone to ensure our customers can choose the best covers to suit their needs. Whether you need to transport, cut or accumulate products we can recommend the ideal conveyor belt and have it installed to the highest standard.

Bread and biscuit products are often fragile. Our Foodstuff PVC series is designed exactly for them to be packaged quickly to ensure they remain fresh. We offer a range of belting systems that enable gentle yet efficient transportation of your products and would be delighted to tell you more about some of the food conveyor belts we have available.

Some factors to consider:

    • Type of bread, biscuit, meat, poultry, candy or milk products being carried
    • Whether the product is dry, wet or oily
    • The load on the conveyor belt
    • Angle of transfer – flat or incline?
    • Temperature of products being carried

We are constantly developing and designing new conveyor belting for use in the food industry. Food conveyor belts must adhere to a set of food hygiene guidelines and only use the materials that are suited for food transportation. Due to the risk of food spoiling it is also important that food conveyor belts are highly reliable and rarely suffer from maintenance issues.