DS-Fit© Pulley Lagging Materials

When You Don’t Need No Slipping – Use CTC Pulley Lagging


Conveyor Pulleys can be provided with high quality lagging designed to ensure maximum belt and pulley life in tough applications. Conveyor Technologies Canada can offer a full variety of lagging options including Plain lagging, Diamond Pulley Lagging, Ceramic Lagging and Replaceable Lagging.



DS-FIT© is Diamond-Shaped Pulley Lagging with CN-bonding layer for higher bonding strength to pulley surface

  • Thickness: 8mm - 20mm, Width: 200mm - 2000mm
  • Bi-directional pulley rotation
  • Sheds water from belt
  • Reversing drive pulley capable
  • Reduce spare pulley inventory
  • Wear resistant
  • Long work life
  • High friction coefficient


  • Installed on site, no need to unload the pulley.
  • Easy installation and replacement.
  • Rubber layer is wearable and with long working life.
  • Suitable for pulleys with different specifications.
Pulley Diameter (mm) Number of rubber sheet Number of retainers Recommend Thickness of rubber sheet
φ500 10pcs 11pcs 12
φ630 13pcs 14pcs 12
φ800 16pcs 17pcs 12
φ1000 20pcs 21pcs 15
φ1250 25pcs 26pcs 15
φ1400 28pcs 29pcs 15
φ1600 32pcs 33pcs 20