Flat PVC Conveyor Belts

Where High Demand and High Performance Combine

Level sections, curves, and sorters. These are just some of the challenges we have faced in the past when catering for the needs of our bulk goods conveying systems, such as airport and logistics customers.

At Conveyor Technologies Canada, it is our job to ensure your items and products are transported where they need to go safely and efficiently. When it comes even to baggage conveyor belts in airports and logistics environments, it’s so important that these belts run problem free. Just one failed belt and you’ll have a lot of unhappy clients on your hands

Flat PVC Conveyor Belts 1  Flat PVC Conveyor Belts 2

Ensure All Bags and Packages Arrive Safe and Sound with Reliable Flat Surface Conveyor Belts

We offer a wide range of conveyor belting for customized bulk handling solutions. Each of our belts can be expertly

adapted to suit your needs using the newest technology and the most reliable components.

All points of use require a high standard of safety and security and it is paramount that any items are protected as they travel along the conveyor belt system. We can supply belts that are anti-static and self-extinguishing giving you additional peace of mind that all carried goods will arrive at their destination safe and in perfect condition.

We can supply belts for conveyors with an incline or steep incline and can fit your belt with the right attachments. Each of our belts can be fully customized to suit the needs of your business. We would be delighted to give you more information about our products.

Technical Specifications For Reference

1 PVC BELT Black PVC 120 PB-B-PVC120 C x FS 3/32 0.076 3
1 PVC BELT Black PVC 150 PB-B-PVC150 C x FS 3/16 0.102 6
1 PVC BELT Black PVC 200 PB-B-PVC200 C x FS 1/4 0.141 8
1 PVC BELT Black PVC 450 PB-B-PVC450 C x C 5/16 0.183 12
1 PVC BELT Black PVC 120 Crescent Top PB-B-PVC120CT C x FS 1/4 0.091 3
1 PVC BELT Black PVC 120 Chevron Top CTII PB-B-PVC120CTCT C x FS 1/4 0.091 3